Deluxe Collection 20

Article number: DELUXE

A mix of 20 chocolates from the 'classic' and the 'my way' collection. 



Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavor), milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, natural vanilla flavor) white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, natural vanilla flavor), poppyseed praliné (sugar, almond, poppy seed), feuilletine (sugar, wheat flour, sunflower oil, milk fat, milk sugar, malt extract, milk protein, E306, E500), hazelnut praliné (hazelnut, sugar), glucose, aroma cola, alcohol, popping sugar (sugar, cocoa butter, lactose, preservative: E290), cream (milk), stabilizer: carrageen), passionfruit puree (passion fruit, sugar), butter (milk), lime, vodka, raspberry puree, raspberryvinegar (sulphite), caster sugar (sugar, candy syrup, coloring: E150c ), jelly sugar, coconut cream (natural coconut extract, stabilizer: E407, E412, E415), lime, rum, strawberry puree (strawberry, sugar), lime, vodka, kaffir lime, pecan praliné (pecan, sugar), almond praliné (almond, sugar), sugar, raspberry juice, yuzu juice, water, coffee nougatine (sugar, coffee), whiskey, sorbitol, marzipan (sugar, almond 35%, invert sugar, ethanol, invertase), raisins (raisins, sunflower oil, preservative: E220 ( sulphite), rum, coffee extract (coffee, water, sugar), cabernetsauvignon vinegar (sulphite), pine nut nougatine (pine nuts, sugar), water, quinoa, grape seed oil, smoked bacon (pork, anti-oxidant: E301, E325, E331, dextrose, lactose, smoke flavor, acidity regulator: E262, E270, preservative: E250, E252, red wine (sulphite), flavor enhancer: E621, mint, apple caramel (sugar, butter, apple vinegar), light hazelnut praliné, apple nougatine (apple, sugar), water , apple powder, apple puree (apple juice and pulp, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural flavors, stabilizer: E440, color: E140), aroma bacon, apple, pineapple (aroma, glycerine, invert sugar) salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin, palm oil, shea butter, whole milk powder, sugar, cocoa there) Dyes: E100, E120, E133, E171, E172


Milk, soy, almond, hazelnut

Following allergens are processed in our factory: cereals containing gluten, egg, milk, soy, nuts, mustard, sesame seeds, celery, sulphite, fish



Storage conditions 
Preferably store in a cool and dry place

Average nutritional value per 100g

Energy: 2053 kJ / 490 kcal, Fat: 22 g, Of which saturated fat: 13 g, Carbohydrates: 46 g, Of which sugars: 0g, Proteins: 27g, Salt: 0.2g


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